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I'm reposting this from the Phonic Rapture site. If you haven't seen any prior posts here, Phonic Rapture is what came out of The Unofficial Big Sonic Heaven Website...

There is a long winding road from where the site is now and where it should be. I have to face the fact that it can't be done on my own. So here is my plea for help.

I'm looking for volunteers to help bring Phonic Rapture to its full potential. If you like the music PR supports, you're qualified. More specifically, I am looking for help in (everything, but to spell it out) the following:

-Artist Reviews
-Album Reviews
-Venue Revues
-anything you can think of in relation.
-editors (I know I'm constantly finding errors in my posts.)

Public Relations
-search and contact new artists
-spread the word (but not spam)
-recruit others
-find sponsors

Graphic Designers
-Create logos and graphics to be used on the site, in ads and -- in the future -- merchandise
-help design site layout

Anything Else You Can Think Of

I say 'volunteers' because this site has no revenue. In fact, it is in debt. I just added some ads, but they have yet to provide any income. So you, like myself, would have to work for free. I could at least give you a PhonicRapture email account or forwarding address. I think I have enough to spare.
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