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Aural Bliss - Sunday, September 3, 2006

Hey, this is Kate from Detroit's own dreampop band, Ether Aura

I wanted to remind everybody that I took over hosting duties of Aural Bliss on Auralgasms Radio back in March and I think we've got a great show going on.  If you didn't know, here's a reminder.  Aural Bliss is a rare internet radio show, based on the highly popular Detroit-based show Big Sonic Heaven, which you all are clearly very aware of.  ;)

Please stream/tune in to Aural Bliss every Sunday, starting at 10 p.m. EST, for two hours dedicated to shoegaze/dreampop, britpop and electronica and, more importantly, to underappreciated artists in those genres, as well as some of the more established ones.

This week (September 3, 2006) you can look forward to hearing tracks from Soundpool, Vanishing Kids, Chandeen, Suede, Goldfrapp and much more.

Also, please be sure to log into the Auralgasms Chat Room, where myself and other listeners can be found chatting about the show, new music and whatever else comes up.

You can tune in by launching the player here.

Hope you can make it.

Take care.

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