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I kept waiting for this to happen -- I'd just gotten my computer recording the show again, and caught 3 weeks of it after moving. Then last night, nada. The listening area was treated to Blind Melon at 10:00. Whoopie.

Anyway, I doubt anything anyone can do or say will bring Big Sonic Heaven back to Detroit on 96.3. That station was lost to giganto-corp years ago, and I've been surprised that they humored BSH for this long. They won't care about comments from individuals (although I sent one), since all they really care about these days are demographics in aggregate. And this is why I listen to internet radio mostly these days.

So... Who wants to start a Live365 or Shoutcast stream? I could help on the techie side, and maybe a little on the DJ side, but BSH was my source for finding things new and old I hadn't known about. Anyone else out there with feelers out into the same spaces Darren kept track of? Getting a broadcast up is cake -- getting an interesting playlist up is the trick. An army of listener/DJs could even build up a library of the dreamy movie clips BSH used to play between tunes. Be a user, not a consumer.

Anyone here ever see Pump Up the Volume? :)

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